Dessert Table

  • Basic : $5 p.p. (4 products on table, 2 per person)
  • Amended Basic: $4 p.p. (3 products on table, 1 per person)
  • Plus: $7 p.p. (6 products on table, 3 per person)
  • Amended Plus: $6 p.p. (5 products on table, 1 per person)
  • Premium: $10 p.p. (8 products on table, 4 per person)
  • Amended Premium: $8 p.p. (7 products on table, 2 per person)


Add On's

Server: $20/ hour - Set Up, Restock & Breakdown

Custom Design Package

Starts at $250** which includes Consultation, Theme Development and Design, Packaging and Formal Table Decor (Floral Arrangements, Linen, Glass Stands, Lighting, etc.)

A La Carte Menu (minimum 2 dz each)

  • Tartlets - $2.50 ea
  • Mini Cheesecake - $2.00 ea
  • Shooters - $3.25 ea
  • Pops/ Balls- $2.50 ea
  • Brownies/ Blondies- $1.00ea
  • Mini Bundts- $3.00 ea
  • Mini Cupcakes- $1.00 ea
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels- $1.50 ea
  • Chocolate Dipped Jumbo Marshmallows - $10/ dz
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries - $15/dz
  • Chocolate Covered Cookies- $16/dz
  • Apothecary Jars filled with candy coated chocolate in theme color $9 per pound of one color

50 person minimum. There is a surcharge, less that 50 people.

Contact us with the "Connect with us" form below!

*Napkins, Forks, Serving Utensils, Plastic Serving Trays and BASIC Tablecover are included in price

** Glass Stands, Formal Linens, and Floral Arrangements Additional- See Custom Design Package

Sweet Responses

My family and I had the opportunity to sample all of the Lizzie Lu flavors. My 2 year old son LOVED the cupcakes so much, that he DEVOURED the cupcake... Paper and all! Lizzie Lu cupcakes are better than your local baker's dozen. Even thing is made by hand, with love...

~ Janay Boyd

I am a more than satisfied Lizzie Lu Sweets customer. I basically gave a sketchy request and gave over creative license. The results were extremely elegant and delicious. Cupcakes are not just for little kids anymore. Thank you for giving my son's graduation gathering the class it deserved. I will definitely be a returning customer.

~ Anita Washington

The cupcakes were the hit of the shower! People couldn't stop eating them (including me). The mother of the girl I threw the shower for LOVED the little painted flowers... I will definitely let you know when I throw my next shower!

~ Chelsea Dasinger

These cupcakes are truly amazing. We got a the opportunity to try the keylime and red velvet. The cupcake looked too good to eat, but since we love cupcakes we had no problem diggin' in. Lizzie Lu's cupcakes are truly a nice treat.

~ Maina and Tiffiney Mwaura

I have had the pleasure of sampling theses tasty creations. The cupcake icing combination is not too sweet, yet filled with love. This is one tasty addition I will be making for my next planned event.

~ Nedra Rainey

About Lizzie Lu Sweets

Lizzie Lu Sweets is a bakery formed around love. Shayna Ross, head baker and dessert table designer was introduced to baking at a young age as she spent a lot of time watching her mother and grandmother bake various desserts. At the age of 11, Shayna's mother enrolled her in her first cake decorating course. Shayna found joy in baking for others and entertaining. In 2004, the idea for Lizzie Lu Sweets was birthed.

The name is a tribute to the nickname that Shayna shares with her mother and grandmother.

In 2011, Shayna, along with her business partner Xavier Francis took the leap of faith and began Lizzie Lu Sweets. Each dessert is thoughtfully created from scratch. Shayna considers each dessert a piece of art.

Lizzie Lu Sweets is committed to serving the community. Lizzie Lu Sweets has taken part in various fund raisers and looks forward to forging relationships with various non-profits that benefit children and families in need. Lizzie Lu Sweets hopes with each bite of their desserts, to put a smile on your face and warm your soul.